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The Cancer Center of Huntsville, P.C.

Education and Resources

General Cancer Information

This page contains links and general information that may assist you as you research options, explore support groups, get involved in Cancer organizations, look for inspiration, etc.

Helpful Online Resources

The following list of resources can help additional knowledge and support for you and your family:

Tips in Selecting a Physician or Oncology Center

Check to be sure your hematologist/oncologist is board certified in medical oncology for treatment of cancer related problems, and in hematology for treatment of blood disorders. Take note that not all specialists are board certified in both fields.

Your doctor should encourage a second opinion if you have any concerns about the recommended treatment plan and should volunteer to assist you in arranging for such an opinion.

Make sure your doctor takes the time to explain his treatment recommendations and answers your questions to your satisfaction. If he appears irritated by your questions or is unwilling to give satisfactory answers then it is unlikely that the patient-physician relationship will work to your advantage.

Recovering from Treatments

Pamper yourself! Your body has been through an intensive experience, so don't expect to pick up all of your regular roles and responsibilities. Your role is to recover, let the medicines do their job and focus on getting better.